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327th Infantry Regiment 101st Airborne 327 Infantry 327th Infantry Regiment

This 327th Infantry website is a compilation of two previous websites. The former 327th Infantry Bastogne and the  1st and 2nd Battalions of the 327th Infantry Regiment, Vietnam Veterans websites have been combined into this new 327th Infantry site. Here in one site you will find the 327th history and the 327th today.

There have been substantial changes made throughout...first and foremost the site is now a fully content managed website with significant interaction between the viewers and the webmasters. The GUESTBOOKS have been combined into one larger guestbook. There is a NEWS section which carries RSS feeds about current articles that impact the military and a 327th NEWS section that will have articles on the changes within this website and articles that pertain directly to the 327th Infantry.

Another new addition is the section called "From the Front" which will be a compilation of trooper letters and reports both past and present, all...From the Front.

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We are excited about our new website and ask for your understanding if you come across any strange looking pages. Please take a moment to write to us and let us know the page that is not right and we will quickly correct it. This is a LARGE website...over 750 pages and growing...so enjoy your visit!

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The Badge of Glory
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Bastogne   Vietnam

327th Glider Infantry Regiment WWII Unit History: The 327th GIR was formed at Camp Claiborne Louisiana August 15, 1942. They arrived in the ETO on September 15, 1943 and entered combat on June 6, 1944. The men spent 214 days in combat.


In memory of our fallen comrades . . .The 327th Infantry Memorial was dedicated in 1988.

A Warrior's Last Steps Home Author Unknown  

1st Battalion   2nd Battalion

1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division These pages tell the stories of the men from the 1st Battalion, the places they fought and the far away places where some of them died. There are stories from foxholes, helicopters, the jungle, the mud, the heat, and the rain. Some stories are funny, some are heartrending.


When the going gets tough and you need someone to depend on, the 1